Artist Statement

My work explores themes of interconnection, vulnerability, and the natural world in the mediums of ceramics and fibers. I investigate the interrelation of nature and human anatomy by presenting familiar natural elements in reduced, ambiguous forms. The reorganization of the organic makes the work both familiar yet undefinable, encouraging closer, contemplative interaction between the viewer and the piece. I view vulnerability and intimacy as strengths rather than weaknesses. 

My forms and processes are guided by dichotomies such as: construction and deconstruction, external and internal, male and female. My ceramic work begins with throwing forms and altering them by pushing and pulling the surface. I also incorporate textiles dipped in clay slip to emulate the appearance or structure of fabric. The way I join the two media both physically and figuratively demonstrates my investigation of connection within my work. There are infinite repeated patterns of form and texture within nature that make our universe appear unfathomably complex. This is similar to how we view human connection and relationships and my work responds to this interconnection with exposed forms and processes that require close, introspective examination.